Time is nothing

In "Time is nothing" I have researched the connection between the earliest forms of art with contemporary art of today. I was inspired when I came across a series of south-european cave paintings from the Paleolithic era. It dawned on me that throughout history, we have time and time again made images of the things that are important to us. Important for ourselves, for the group, for the clan or for the society. I started to see a connection which intertwined early cave paintings with the street art of the modern day.

One recurrent motif in early cave paintings is imprints of hands as well as images of animals. I have always had a fascination for humanity's relationship towards the animal kingdom. In an attempt to understand our ancestors thought process, I have made my own interpretations of their cave paintings. Humanity's relationship with nature is a burning question at this day and age. My intention with "Time is nothing" is to highlight the sense of respect you get when you are in close contact with nature.

Below, selected paintings from 2016 - 2018

Time is nothing (detail) 

akrylic charchoal and engraving on styrofoam

The whole painting 60x110x5 cm

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