Time is nothing

Time is Nothing is an active research of the connection between contemporary and ancient art, ranging from modern graffiti of today to cave paintings from the Paleolithic period. Throughout history we humans tend to depict the things important to us. It can be objects of importance for the individual, the group or the society. 

A recurring motif in art from the stone age are imprints of palms and depictions of animals. I’ve always been fascinated by the animal kingdom, and harbor a great respect for animals. By doing my own interpretation of the Paleolithic art I’ve tried to get closer to the inner world of my ancestors. Harmony between man, animals and nature is arguably more important than ever. With this exhibition I strive to mediate the sense of humbleness and devotion that arises when you are in contact with nature. 

Below, selected paintings from 2016 - 2022

Galleri Moment, Ängelholm 2022